Monthly Archives: March 2009

Reduce CO2 Emissions, Save Money

Our own homes are responsible for more than 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere but whether you are choosing energy efficient appliances, or making larger changes to your home, such as building a conservatory, or converting your loft or garage into extra living space, there are a number of measures that you… Read More »

US Home Improvement Industry 'In Decline'

Unsurprising figures were released recently regarding the decline of interest and expenditure in the US home improvement industries. These figures come in the wake of the huge 2000 – 2007 housing boom which has been blamed by many financial experts as the cause of the recession; it was mortgage markets which dealt the first big… Read More »

Outdoors is the New Indoors

A garden patio has become an essential element of almost any garden design, providing not only a space in which to eat, or simply to relax in comfort, but also transitional space between the exterior and interior of your home. As such, a patio needs to be large enough to accommodate you and your family… Read More »

Affordable Solutions for Better Living – Your Garden, The IKEA Way

Fresh from the brand that is synonymous with ‘flat-pack’, IKEA have launched their eagerly anticipated 2009 Summer collection. Inviting you to “create an outdoor space that you will never want to leave”, IKEA’s garden range delivers everything you would expect from IKEA: great quality, minimalistic furniture and living solutions all available at affordable prices. The… Read More »

Choosing the Perfect Sofa

A sofa is likely to be one of the largest and, depending upon its exact situation, one of the most often used pieces of furniture in any modern home. A sofa is the focal point of many living rooms, but depending on the size of your home and any overnight guests that you may wish… Read More »

Climate Change May Mean More Mould!

Whilst the experts battle it out trying to decide whether we are experiencing human made global warming, natural global dimming, or random climate change there is one thing they all agree on – mould! Climate change advice from the English Heritage site – the Government’s statutory adviser on the historic environment – has expressed concern… Read More »

Cook Up Something New in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the modern home and, whatever its size, there are several practical and aesthetic considerations that need to addressed in any kitchen design. A kitchen is, of course, primarily a functional space used for the storage and preparation of food but, above and beyond that, it should also be a… Read More »