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The Décor of 2009: Home Improvement on a Shoestring

Although the economy continues to shrink with each financial quarter, making it especially hard to negotiate that deserved pay rise, it seems that utility bills, bank charges and taxes continue to rise ‘in line with inflation’. Why, it must be asked, do they not decrease ‘in line with recession’? Nevertheless, as home owners hold on… Read More »

The British Barbecue is Back in Town

According to weather forecasts – if you dare to believe them – the Summer of 2009 will see Britain basking in equatorial sunshine. Even if, in the deepest, darkest corner of our hearts we all know that Mother Nature will send low pressure and precipitation to our little island this Summer, there appears to be… Read More »

OLED: the Digital Size Zero

Towards the end of 2008, fashion and showbiz news was dominated by the super-sleek, super-slender – read dangerously underfed – supermodel. Whilst fashion designers sought the perfect human coat hanger, the general public found the sight of super-skeletons strutting their stuff just a tad distasteful. Nevertheless, whilst the ideal human form ought not to be… Read More »

Green Air Con Has Health Benefits

A new type of eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning is better for the health of the person whose home it gets installed in than traditional systems according to independent studies. An air conditioning system called Coolhouse uses several design features of the home itself to lower the property’s temperature on warm days; cooling air, rather… Read More »

US Business Recycles Home-Fittings

A new style of home improvement store has burst on to the market in the US. The idea behind the store is for people to repurpose and share used items from their home that they want to replace with new ones instead of throwing them away. If, for example someone wants to replace old kitchen… Read More »

MP's Home Improvements Cost Tax Payers

Recently the press has covered the highly questionable use of tax payers money to fund all manner of self-indulgent spends by UK MPs. The latest of these spends which has come to light, are purchases made by Stephen Byers, former Cabinet Minister. Byers resides in a flat belonging to his girlfriend on a rent-free basis… Read More »

Green 'Passive Homes' a US Trend

Many new houses in the US are being built as ‘passive homes’ which use solar power differently to conventional green builds. Whilst an ordinary new home with solar panels feeds energy back in to the national grid, ‘passive homes’ work differently by collecting and storing heat energy from the sun and then keeping it in… Read More »

B & Q Invest in Management Rewards

Despite the home improvement industry being hard hit by the recession, B & Q are investing £10 million in bonuses for store management to help promote good performance across the brand. The rewards are being granted by parent company, Kingfisher, in the form of stocks and shares. In total, 9 million pounds worth of the… Read More »

Wickes Home Improvement Stores Hit by Recession

Reports have recently revealed that the company behind UK Wickes home improvement stores, Travis Perkins Plc is trying to find £300 million in order to get rid of debt. The business, which supplies bricks and tiles to construction companies and the public, has been badly affected by the downturn in the housing markets and this… Read More »