Monthly Archives: July 2009

Home Improvements for a Greener Future with Renewable Energy

It is no secret that the UK housing market is on its knees, which has impacted economies all over the world. Consequently, home-owners and property developers find themselves in the unfortunate situation where they simply cannot afford to sell their homes at today’s prices because the market prices are so low. This is also negatively… Read More »

Underfloor Heating – A Summer Job?

When the British summer is in full swing and the weather is sunny, thoughts of winter tend not to be at the forefront of the typical person’s mind. Indeed, a hot summer is all about enjoyment: basking in sunshine, trips to the beach, eating ice-cream and relaxing in the great outdoors. However, in these difficult… Read More »

Tap in to a New Kitchen Look

A relatively simple method of updating the look and feel of a kitchen whilst also improving basic functionality is to replace old taps for new. Indeed, modern tap designs offer a range of practical and aesthetic benefits over older style taps, which not only impact on the look of the sink area but also affect… Read More »

Homebase and B&Q – At War for Your Business!

According to the Mirror, Homebase and B&Q are literally at war! As we get progressively deeper into the summer, the leading DIY rival firms are going head to head for your business! This is fantastic news for consumers, as if it ends up anything like the Supermarket wars, we could see the rival firms slashing… Read More »

Spring Cleaning in a Summer of Recession

In the midst of a recession and flagging housing market, which has seen average house prices slashed to the extent that home-owners can no longer afford to sell up and property developers forced to hold on to their portfolios, giving the home a makeover can seem a waste of money. However, carrying out home improvement… Read More »

Interior Design 101: the Focal Point

Before the budding interior designer picks up a brush and starts slapping magnolia on every wall of the house, it should be noted that creating the perfect home is hard work. Furthermore, whilst creative vision is absolutely fundamental to the success of redecorating, the process actually involves a significant amount of science or technical knowledge.… Read More »