Monthly Archives: December 2009

Boiler Scrappage Allowance – Is It Enough?

Following the publication of his latest pre-budget report, Chancellor Alistair Darling has not won favours with everybody it would seem but, so far as homeowners are concerned, next year could have been much worse. In fact, the pre-budget report comes as good news to homeowners whose central heating boilers have seen better days. The Chancellor… Read More »

Further Evidence of a Housing Market in Recovery?

On Tuesday, one of the UK’s leading mortgage lenders announced that house prices in the UK have risen for the fifth consecutive month, which adds further weight to the view shared by many that the country’s weakened housing market is well on the road to recovery. However, whilst the Halifax’s figures bolster those published by… Read More »

John Galliano’s Christmas tree

If the current range of high street Christmas trees is anything to go by, Christmas 2009 will be notable for its rather unusual selection of artificial trees. Indeed, although it is fairly traditional nowadays – not to mention considerably more practical – to purchase plastic Christmas trees in place of natural pines, firs and spruces,… Read More »

House Prices Continue to Rise Despite Predictions

House prices in the UK have risen for the seventh consecutive month, which runs contrary to the forecasts of various industry experts who have suggested the rise cannot be sustained for any significant period of time. In fact, many experts, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), believe that house prices must fall to record lows… Read More »