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Prince WilliamPrince William’s marriage  to Kate Middleton will provide a long overdue cash boost to Britain’s flagging economy.

A boost of over £600 million is being predicted by financial analysts prior to Prince Williams Wedding.

Wedding souvenirs are being rushed to production prior to the big day with huge amounts expected to be spent both on and offline on gifts and mementos.

The couple which are expected to tie the knot in Spring or Summer 2011 will have the world’s eyes fixed upon them as they walk down the aisle.

Neil Saunders the retail research expert commented “We think wedding-related merchandise sales could easily top £26 million in the UK, while food and grocery retailers could cash in to the tune of £360 million as consumers buy extra treats to celebrate the occasion as well as Champagne and wine to toast the happy couple.”

The  couple are being reminded of the current economic situation which they are “mindful of” according to St James’ Palace but the policing bill for the wedding and security for VIPs could potentially run into tens of millions of pounds.

This huge expense should hopefully be recouped back into the economy from the huge influx of tourism, travel and related merchandising.

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Oliver Heath, the television designer and environmental consultant who graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1992 with a degree in architecture, has recently shared tips from his top-selling book, ‘Urban Eco Chic‘, which was published by Quadrille and costs around £19.99 in most book stores.

Urban Eco ChicSpeaking to Rin Simpson of Wales Online, the celebrity eco-consultant outlined eight tips designed to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

The first tip suggested by Mr Heath is for homeowners to consider their long-term objectives and overall strategy. Mr Heath said: “A strategy for the way that they insulate the property, the way they ventilate it, the way they use gas, water and electricity. By separating all those things out you can think very clearly about how to approach each one”. Beyond strategy, Mr Heath argued that air flow ought to be the next major consideration.

Mr Heath explained: “There’s a difference between ventilation and drafts… What we need to do is find the right level of ventilation. We don’t want to block off all the ventilation, which can happen with double glazing and allows moisture to build up and when that happens you get mould and that’s bad for your home and your health”. Mr Heath added that chimney balloons can be used to stop drafts coming down chimneys whilst allowing for a certain amount of ventilation.

The third and perhaps most obvious tip suggested by Mr Heath was that of using central heating systems efficiently. The television designer recommends the replacement of boilers aged eight years or over with new gas condensing boilers, which can be extremely energy efficient. Mr Heath also advocated the use of radiator reflector panels and advanced thermostats.

Another obvious tip by Mr Heath is that of monitoring the household’s electricity consumption. Mr Heath has advised homeowners to replace old light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives whilst investing in an energy meter, which is designed to make people more aware of how much energy they use. Finally, Mr Heath suggested that property owners use natural light more effectively, manage waste carefully and conserve water by replacing inefficient showers and installing ‘Interflush’ units on old toilets.

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