Colour Schemes

Set the Right Mood with Clever Colour

With the right colour you can create any type of mood or atmosphere. Getting the right scheme can also change the appearance and dimensions of a room so it’s an important home improvement tool.

White & Black

(Can be used in any room)

White and black go hand in hand when it comes to creating a minimalist look. Black may seem like an unusual choice for the home, but when teamed together with white it can create drama.

White on the other hand is pure and clean. A good way to transform a room into a blank canvas and let your home accessories and furniture speak for themselves.

Yellow & Orange

(Best suited for use in kitchens & living rooms)

Say the words orange and yellow and you instantly think of citrus. It’s this fruity connotation which makes these two colours so well suited for the kitchen. In bold colours yellow and orange can look very harsh however in softer pastel shades these colours can be refreshing, warm and uplifting.

Red & Pink

(Best suited for bedrooms living spaces)

Red is the perfect way to make a statement and is widely recognised as a passionate colour. Team with white or cream for a statement look or opt for darker shades for true drama.

Pinks are great when in soft shades and create a feel of comfort and warmth.

Blue & Grey

(Best suited for bathrooms)

Blues and greys can be very calming so they are perfect if you want to capture this mood in your bathroom. Blues are also associated with water so offer great ties to the sea if you want a coastal feel. However using blues can also make rooms feel cold so it’s best avoided in the bedroom unless you are sticking to lighter hues.


(Can be used in any room)

Bring a sense of nature into your home with green earthy hues. Green shades are best suited to browns and golds for a tribal look or white and cream for an eco friendly feel.