Green Air Con Has Health Benefits

By | May 23, 2009

A new type of eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning is better for the health of the person whose home it gets installed in than traditional systems according to independent studies. An air conditioning system called Coolhouse uses several design features of the home itself to lower the property’s temperature on warm days; cooling air, rather than ‘conditioning’ it.

Jes Mainwaring, a UK environmental architect developed the system when working for a property development agency called Elixir and the combination of cutting edge design and technology has already been used to cool a new build of holiday apartments in the Algarve. In a similar way to how under-floor heating warms a room, the Coolhouse system uses ordinary water draining pipes under the property to cool a home or apartment by placing those pipes in a void. Meanwhile, specially located vents are in place above skirting boards delivering fresh cool air to the building so that a breeze can flow through the rooms.

Solar-controlled glass for the windows which doesn’t heat up or magnify light like ordinary glass also makes the new Coolhouse buildings a lower temperature internally. Independent studies showed that the internal temperature can be reduced by as much as 12 degrees compared with a 37 degree outside temperature by exploiting the Coolhouse design features.

Studies also revealed 30% lower humidity levels in a property using Coolhouse than those in a property cooled by air con, which leads to less growth of black mould (known to be bad for an occupant’s health) and other symptoms of internal condensation. Researchers also believe that whilst traditional air con gives occupants dry eyes and collects and circulates potentially harmful bacteria within homes, Coolhouse, does neither, creating a natural temperature and forcing a flow of fresh clean air from outside through the internal structures instead.

As expense is also a drawback of traditional air conditioning which takes a lot of energy to run (especially for hours on end in hot climates and during Summer heat-waves,) several experts have also said that Coolhouse is economical as well as ecological.