Bathroom Fitter

Finding a Good & Trustworthy Bathroom Fitter

When having any work done on your home it is always important to make sure that the work is carried out in a professional matter – both in terms of giving a quality finish and in terms of safety. Nowhere is this of more importance than with work carried out on one’s bathroom where it is likely that you are spending your money primarily to create a centre piece for your home. At the same time with bathrooms there is a need for knowledge about water fitments and plumbing which is also combined with an increased risk from any electrical supply present – even just for ordinary lighting.

For most people the first place to start when looking for a trusted fitter is to ask friends and family if they can recommend anybody who has done work for them in the past. One of the benefits of this is that you will be able to see an actual example of a job that has already been carried out. Ideally you should try to find someone you know who has had the work done more than 12 months ago as it is not until after this time that problems with the fitting are likely to become apparent. However, beware recommendations from a friend or family member where the fitter in turn is their friend or relative as there is the potential in this case that the recommendation will be based more on their relationship than the actual quality of the fitter’s work. Aside from this there is also the potential for problems in the relationship between you and your friend/or relative, or between them and the fitter if any disputes were to arise over the work. An additional source of referrals is to seek people you have dealt with in the past yourself for another type of job. For example, if you’ve used a builder for work elsewhere in your home they may be able to recommend a bathroom fitter they have worked with before and you may be able to assume with some confidence that this fitter’s work will be of a similar standard.

Another option is to visit a bathroom showroom. Here you will be able to see a range of designs already built, rather than simply imagining something based on samples or descriptions and drawings. At a showroom you are likely to pay a higher cost for each individual service as an individual fitter can operate on lower costs. However, if you are buying the fittings themselves from the showroom and are also having the same company fit it, this can actually work out a cheaper option. Added to that is the benefit of the fact that the fitters used by the company are more likely to have been vetted and trained and you may find it easier resolving any disputes with a company than with an individual. That said, not all are the same, and some companies can disguise a bad reputation with strong advertising and attractive offers. An alternative is to use sites like who offer access to reviews of fitters used by other people. Even if using this, it can be a good idea to obtain several quotes to get an idea of a reasonable price before choosing.