Sinks & Taps

Vanity Unit – Free Standing Sink

This type of sink places the design emphasis on the sink itself. They are usually fairly large in size and may be mounted on a pedestal or a vanity unit. The ‘Free Standing’ name comes from the fact that the taps are external to the sink itself. Although they take up a lot of room, these are excellent for the ‘spa’ effect in larger bathrooms and are able to accommodate the larger, more ornate designs of taps, although a single ‘mixer’ tap works best with this design.

Pedestal Sink

This type of sink is the most common design found in British homes and comprises an ordinary basin supported by a full length pedestal which conceals the drainage pipe. One of the benefits of this form is that there are a wide variety of shapes and colours available in the actual basin itself. The pedestal can be hidden away by the construction of a vanity unit underneath the basin giving some flexibility in the appearance of the unit during its life. Because this type of sink is so popular it is possible to find a wide range of variations at relatively low cost even for larger sizes.

Wall Hung Sink

The wall hung design has become more popular in recent years as a practical alternative to the standard pedestal design. These are fixed securely to the wall with the drainage pipe directed towards the wall about halfway down from the length of an ordinary pedestal design. This style frees up floor space maximising the room available in the bathroom and also making it easier to clean the entire unit. As the unit is not held up by anything other than the wall these are available in a range of novel designs and a wide range of sizes. This is also a good option for those looking for a sink to be positioned at a particular height.

Cloak Room Sink

A cloak room sink is a miniature design sink designed to fit into tight spaces and is typically designed with enough space to wash one’s hands only. This might be for a downstairs bathroom, an en suite bathroom or a second main bathroom if space is limited. It is also common to use a corner basin design, where appropriate, as this will generally provide the best use of floor space in the room although all designs can generally be incorporated with a vanity unit to give additional storage space underneath the basin.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps offer one tap delivering both hot and cold water at the same time. Although the mixer tap itself will usually be larger than a standard tap space is saved by not needing two separate sets of controls. The most straightforward form is the ‘lever’ style which is around 50% larger than an equivalent standard tap design, where the lever is lifted to turn the tap on and is turned left or right to add more hot or more cold water. Mixer taps offer some of the most modern designs for sinks and are also a preferred option where a particular temperature is preferred when filling the bowl which is much easier to judge with a single tap.