WCs – Types of Toilets and Loos

Close Coupled

A close coupled toilet design is the most common design in new installations. This is the type that features a basin fixed to the floor with cistern fixed to the wall directly above the basin. Both the cistern and the basin are typically made from ceramics, giving a consistent appearance although the cistern may be made from various plastics. As this type is standard there are a wide range of variations available which are produced in volume by manufacturers such as Ideal Standard and there is no shortage of fitters with the skills to correctly install this design.

High Level

The high level design toilet is often found in older houses or newer ones that are aiming for a classic appearance. The cistern is located most of the way up to the ceiling on the wall with a long pipe going down to the basin. Some older designs can splash the user’s head with (fresh) water from the cistern if the toilet is flushed too firmly and as a result many people are replacing these with modern equivalents. This means a range of traditional designs are available and decorative pull chains, brass pipes and decorative cistern brackets can be used to add to the ‘classic’ appearance.

Low Level

Low level toilets are similar to the high level design and are also a more traditional alternative to the close couple style. They can provide a solution where there is not enough vertical space to accommodate a high level design, for example, if there is a window, a shelf, or a cupboard above the toilet and is also a less radical design than the high level type, and can blend in with a more modern bathroom as well as a more classic approach. As the cistern is higher up the wall than the close coupled style a more vigorous flush can be attained and the cistern and piping are available in a range of materials for a more decorative approach than the close coupled style.

Wall Hung

The wall hung design is ideal for those seeking a more modern design of bathroom. These types are not fixed to the floor and therefore give a ‘floating’ appearance. Instead the toilet is supported by metal plating, hidden within the wall behind the unit, and can give impressive results with arguably a more noticeable transformation than with any other design. Manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch specialise in this type of design and other bathroom appliances can be installed in the same way providing unity.

Back to Wall

The back to wall design is an alternative for those seeking a similar effect to the wall hung design and is available from leading producers such as Armitage Shanks. Here the cistern is hidden within a specially constructed box section which might be incorporated into a general shelving design or vanity unit further along the wall. This means that a cheaper plastic type of cistern can be used as it is hidden away. The design has an advantage over the wall hung style in that it is not free standing and therefore does not require a strengthened wall as well as the fact that it is easier to incorporate easy cistern access into the design.