Fitted Bedroom

If you are looking to transform your bedroom, here are some useful tips that will help to get you started.

Your choice of ways to improve your bedroom depends on the effect that you wish to achieve, and on the budget that you have available. You may want to improve the level of comfort in the Cozy bedroom with a modern designbedroom by adding air conditioning, or shutters to keep out the light, or perhaps you would benefit from the convenience of an en-suite bathroom.

For those on a budget, it is possible to revamp the bedroom without running to great expense. You could replace bedding and curtains, or try re-varnishing or painting bedroom furniture rather than replacing it. If you want to completely change the bedroom, including the furniture, you may be able to save money by doing it yourself, especially if you are handy at assembling furniture or laying carpets. Perhaps you have a family member or close friend who could help.

Before starting work, you need to consider the style of the room. You may want it to have a contemporary feel, or you might be more of a traditionalist. If the rest of the home follows a particular design type, you may decide that you want the bedroom to complement it. On the other hand, your bedroom could present a tranquil sanctuary where you can escape the stresses of everyday life, in contrast with the rest of your house; this may be particular relevant to people who work from a home office.

Colour can be used to good effect in expressing peace and tranquillity, by applying soft pastel shades. Alternatively, you could select rich, vibrant colours to add warmth.

Fitted bedroom design

Malmo Bedroom Furniture. Image courtesy of

For those who can afford it, a professional bedroom design and installation service can be invaluable. Companies such as Sharps offer such a service with costs starting at £1,800. They can help you to plan your bedroom in-store or at your home, offer storage solutions, and supply a range of accessories to match the bedroom of your choice.

Storage is important too in a bedroom. There are many clever design options for fitted storage that utilise space fully, including under bed storage, shelves or cupboards attached to the wall above the headboard, and built in wardrobes (including corner wardrobes). You should select furniture to fit the space available, and take care not to cram the room with too much furniture and accessories.

Subtle changes can make a big difference

Fitted 'Ascot' Bedroom. Image courtesy of Sharps

The bed is the focal point in the bedroom, therefore the choice of bedding can dictate the feel of the room, and this can be matched to curtains, lampshades and cushions in order to continue the theme. Bedding, however, should also be practical, and cotton or linen are usually the most comfortable materials to choose. You should also bear in mind that as well as looking decorative, curtains fulfil a function in keeping out light and providing privacy. If you want utility as well as visual appeal, you could try using blackout roller blinds as well as your choice of curtains.

Seating areas within the bedroom can provide a sanctuary to escape the everyday chaos of a family home, luxury seating such as the eames lounge chair can provide a relaxed and informal place to rest and wind down with a good book.

The use of lighting is important in a bedroom. Soft lighting can create a romantic mood, and this can be achieved with the use of lamps or dimmer switches, for instance. However, bedroom lighting also has to be viable; you may need good lighting for mirrors, subdued lighting for reading, or lighting inside wardrobes to help you find clothes in a hurry.

The mood of the bedroom can also be affected by your choice of flooring. Carpets can be soft and sumptuous, or, for a minimalist feel, you could choose laminate flooring or bare floorboards.

A range of bedroom accessories are available, from mirrors, clocks and headboards, to dressing table stools. Maybe you could have a cosy seating area if space permits. If you don’t have the room, but still want to achieve this effect, you could consider having a window seat. The choice of accessories can help to individualise the bedroom and give it the finishing touch.