Beat the Credit Crunch and Frolic with Furniture Frugality!

By | March 6, 2009

If you have lost the love for your lamp shades, are sick of your sofa, had it with your headboard, feel wearisome about your wood and are ready to call closing time on your curtains, then you need to take heed of Katherine Sorrell’s top tips for revamping your furniture. Courtesy of Sky’s Life and Style section, Sorell explores the latest trends in beating the decoration depression in light of the current economic crisis.

Her top tips lead with advice on throws that revamp tiresome sofas – patterns are recommended as they will hide all manner of stains! Reupholstering is a further option and, if you are handy with a sewing machine and can attempt it yourself, then all the better! Choose cheap canvas material for areas that you cannot see and remember to allow for shrinkage when making cushion covers.

Making over an old lamp is a cheap and effective way to update a room. Get out those craft scissors, glue and double sided sticky tape! Embrace thrifty chic by decorating with buttons, whilst combining eggshell or white with glitter and metallic for greater impact.

Wooden chairs, tables, stools, bookcases and shelves can all be salvaged with a lick of paint! Although, as Sorell hastens to add “do not paint antique furniture!”. Add a twist to cupboards by decorating the inside with wallpaper or sticky back plastic, and change the whole look and feel by replacing and updating knobs and handles.

A stylish headboard is a fantastic way to update your bedroom and it need not be expensive. Hemmed fabric hung from a baton can be a cheap but stylish alternative to a traditional headboard. Furthermore, by embracing your DIY skills you can add hotel chic by making an extra high headboard. Use tactile modern fabrics to complete the look – such as velvet and moleskin.

Modern curtains should be floor length and can be made ad hoc out of anything from a table cloth to a linen sheet – just make sure that they are hemmed and lined properly!