Bedroom Designs for the Summer

By | June 12, 2009
Bedroom design

Bedroom design

In consideration of MET Office predictions of a hot and dry Summer this year, it is understandable that most homeowners and property developers look to the garden for their home improvements. Indeed, a new garden patio or spot of landscaping will work wonders when barbecue season arrives. Moreover, there is arguably no better place for homeowners to spend the cooling Summer nights than in the comfort of their own garden. However, unless the idea is to spend the entire night laid back in a deck chair with a glass of wine on hand, people looking to improve their homes will be well advised to spare a thought or two about their bedrooms.

Redecorating the bedroom for the Summer involves a re-arranging of furniture and a refreshingly new décor. Especially where the miserable Winter had forced property dwellers to erect blackout blinds and dark tones, a Summer décor is all about letting the light flow throughout the room. Indeed, the bedroom should be a cool, calm and relaxing place to rest and sleep, which is going to be a whole lot harder if the room is cramped, dark and gloomy.

Lighten the Walls, Darken the Bed

The easiest and most straightforward way of opening up a room is to whitewash the walls. White helps to redefine the space available in a room by distorting the mind’s perception of where the boundaries actually lie – in effect, white walls can make a small room look spacious and airy. In contrast, dark walls have the effect of closing the boundaries in considerably, therefore giving the impression of less space than there is in reality. Nevertheless, refreshingly white walls ought to be complemented by bold bedroom furniture colours. The bed in particular must be a focal point in the room, therefore it is advisable to opt for rich, deep colour schemes with vivid and imaginative patterns that will instantly draw the eye’s attention.

Furthermore, it is essential that the bedroom is clutter-free and, unless it is absolutely necessary, electrical equipment in the room should be limited to a radio alarm clock and television – peace is essential.