Bedroom Ranges

Puritan home by John Lewis

The style of a bedroom is key to the owner’s lifestyle. Although it’s an essential room for resting, a bedroom can also provide many additional functions such as storage, office space, a place to watch TV or even a library. Whatever the function though the look of the room will typically fall into two dominating trends – classic and contemporary.

Classic Bedrooms

A fitted bedroom suite can easily be styled in a classic/traditional look. When designers and specialists refer to this theme the room will often include common features such as wood furniture, neutral palettes, patterned or floral wallpaper and carpet.

Metropolitan fitted bedroom by John Lewis

Due to its homely connotations a classic bedroom is generally associated with comfort, warmth and calm.

Contemporary Bedrooms

As the name suggests, a contemporary room adopts a modern design and therefore has more scope for embodying developing trends. This could include bold statement pieces such as perspex furniture, bright colours, art inspired wall hangings, textured furnishings and also minimalist designs.