Get More from your Bedroom

John Lewis

We all know the bedroom is made for sleeping. However during daylight hours many are sadly neglected for other more lively areas of the home. So here’s some ideas of how to transform your bedroom into a multifunctional living space.


Placing an office desk in a corner of your bedroom will create an instant study area. If you have a small or spare room in your home then this is also a good way to use the space. Along with your computer add some bookshelves and a comfy chair to create a studious feel.

Quite Area

Sssh! A quite bedroom is not just about somewhere to sleep. The natural comfort of the bedroom makes it a great area for daytime relaxation. Placing items such as calming candles, a radio for soothing music and added facilities such as a book shelf can create a great space for solitude. For furniture single arm chairs make for a stylish place to sit. Beanbags are another way to get cosy.

John Lewis

Dressing Room

Dressing may seem like a routine which needs to be over and done with in order to make way for other priorities in the day. But if you have the time and inclination then placing a dresser in your bedroom can be a handy idea. It provides an area to sit down, storage for jewellery and a dedicated area for beauty items and fragrances. It can also act as a focal feature within your bedroom. To take the use of a dressing table a step further add a room divider for a more distinguished space.


If you have a small home then having a babies’ cot in your bedroom may be a necessity. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the excitement of decorating a purpose built nursery because your room is already styled. How about dedicating an area to your baby? And if an additional colour scheme does not suit your existing room try styling the baby’s area with accessories.