How to Buy the Right Bed

HEDY bed Habitat

The British Sleep Council states that beds should be replaced every 10 years.

The claim may be surprising to some but it has its benefits. A better nights sleep for one.

According to the Sleep Council a comfortable new bed could account for an average of 42 minutes’ extra sleep – four times that achieved by over the counter sleep aids. The clearest signs that you need a new bed however is if you’re not sleeping well or if you have a damaged mattress.

What size bed should I buy?

When buying a bed the first thing you need to consider is the size. The standard bed sizes are:

Single 90cm (w) x 190cm (l)

Double 135cm (w) x 190cm (l)

King size 150cm (w) x 200cm (l)

Super king size 180cm (w) x 200cm (l)

The size of bed you choose will obviously be dependent on the room you have available. But it may interest you to know that sleep experts claim most people are not buying large enough beds.

The British Sleep Council’s official website states: “Seventy-five per cent of all double beds are still the standard 4ft 6in/135cm wide double – yet this is plainly not room enough for two adults to sleep comfortably together without disturbing each other. Even upgrading to the next size, a 5ft/150cm king size, whilst it takes up very little extra bedroom space, makes a considerable difference!”

What about bed types?

As well as varying sizes there are a variety of bed types to choose from, including:

Divan – This generally comes in two base types. A platform top divan base has a rigid fixed top for a firmer feel. A sprung edge divan base in contrast is designed for a softer more luxurious feel.

Bunk bed – A obvious choice for children and a great way to save space. Many bunk beds can also be separated which is ideal if you decide later to sleep your children in individual bedrooms.

Day bed – Day beds are well suited for guest rooms as they serve two functions – somewhere to sleep or sit.


Beds are now just as much about sleep as they are design. By carefully selecting accent cushion and textured duvets you can create a vibrant visual impact or a super soft finish. Accessories are also a great way to tie together the look of a room by matching or complimenting blinds and curtains.