Brighten Up Your Life

Using a variety of lighting in the home can create warm and soothing atmospheres, as well as highlighting key areas in a room.

Floor Lamps

Floor standing lamps can be used in the bedroom as an alternative to the main ceiling or wall light. These types of lamps can be used to provide a soft glow in the mornings, evening or night. Floor lamps can either be rigid structures or on a pivot. The styles of floor lamps differ greatly but contemporary appliances are very popular.

Desk/Bedside Lamps

These types of lamps are smaller in size and are used to light up particular areas and improve visibility, for example when reading or studying. Bedside lamps like floor lamps come in many shapes and sizes and may also have additional features. Examples can include an added alarm clock, operation by touch and various light settings.

Decorative Lighting

Creative lighting in the bedroom can be a great way to make an attractive feature. This can either be done by wrapping LED or snake lights around items or furniture such as mirrors or by purchasing purpose made light motifs.