John Lewis

For your Little One

You’re child’s nursery should be a tranquil, safe and calming space. If you know you’re having a boy or a girl you may wish to go for the traditional decorating approach and select blue or pink colour schemes. But if you want a unisex colour then there are other palettes to explore.

Alternative Colour Schemes

White, sunshine yellow, pale green or neutral colours can be used as alternative colour schemes for your nursery room. White and neutrals portray innocence and purity. Sunshine and mellow yellows are joyful, happy shades and pastel green hues are calming and peaceful.

Sleeping Arrangements

Moses Basket – A Moses Basket can be placed on a stand or used as a portable bed for your child.

Crib – Cribs are generally made of wood and designed with a rocking feature to help put your baby to sleep.

Cot – A cot is like a crib but without the rocking feature. Travel cots are smaller in size and good for ease of transportation.

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