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Wardrobes come in all manners of shapes and sizes, meaning there’s something out there for everyone. The vast majority will be offered as part of a bedroom furniture range. A perfect way of completing the look of a room.

Types of wardrobes

Standard wardrobes are often made from MDF, plastic or woods such as pine and oak.

Most people will use them to store their clothes, bags and shoes. To accommodate these needs many wardrobes include draws and shelves.

A free standing wardrobe allows for more freedom as to where you position your furniture and also the option to rearrange the layout of your bedroom as and when you desire.

Fitted wardrobes on the other hand can be installed as part of a fitted bedroom range and makes them a more permanent feature. For this reason they are often much larger in size.

As an added feature wardrobes may also come with mirrors and lighting.

Things to consider

To fit your clothes effectively, wardrobes need to be tall and wide. Therefore, make sure the item you are buying fits the space you have in mind. It’s a good idea to make note of a wardrobe’s measurements and that of the area you intend to site it to ensure a good fit and ease of access.

If you fit your wardrobe in your room in a problematic area it can be a chore to empty and relocate it. Especially if you own a lot of clothes!