Made To Measure Blinds

Fitting made to measure blinds provides you with added privacy and protection from the sun’s glare and harmful rays. There is a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting custom made blinds. Choose from vertical, Venetian or wooden Venetian, roller, pleated, Roman, Velux window and woven blinds. Made to measure blinds are easy to order and there are numerous websites available on the internet where you can order online or by phone. Accurate measurements must be submitted with your order, and measuring is a simple procedure. All measurements should be made in centimetres. Measure each window separately, even if they look as though they are all the same size. For  blinds that will fit into a window recess you need to measure the recess width from wall to wall in three places, at the top, centre and bottom, and then submit the shortest measurement. Next you will need to measure the drop or length from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places, at the top, centre and bottom and submit the shortest measurement. Ensure that you have accounted for any obstacles that may be in the way of the positioning of your blind, such as window handles. In addition, make allowances for cupboards, phone sockets, dado rails, tiles and tilt and turn windows that may cause obstructions. If the blind is to hang outside the recess, measure the exact width and drop where the blind is to be positioned. Allow for a minimum of 4 cm above the window for brackets by adding 4cm to your drop measurements. Similarly, allow a minimum of 4cm at the sides of the blind for privacy and to block out more light. If made to measure blinds are required for a Velux window, all you need to do is submit the unique Velux data plate number and its reference number. This can be found when the window is opened and is positioned on the top sash of the window. For made to measure blinds to be installed in a conservatory, when measuring, you need to make allowance for overlaps at the corners, and where there are angled sides ensure that deductions are made for the angles for a correct fit. When measuring for blinds to fit conservatory doors, make allowance for obstacles such as a door mat if you have one in situ.

Most websites offer a free fabric sample service. You can select the type of blind that you require and order a fabric sample at the click of a button. It is best to order this rather than rely on the sample as seen on the screen as colour reproduction may not be precise. You can also get a better idea of the texture of the fabric and test it out in position.

There is an almost limitless choice of colours, designs, fabrics and textures, as well as styles of made to measure blind available online. Each website gives comprehensive instructions for measuring and fitting of blinds making the whole process simple to follow.