Made To Measure Curtains

There are so many websites online where you can choose and order your made to measure curtains. Ordering is simple and your curtains are delivered to your door. There are many benefits to buying made to measure curtains. They can be custom made to suit your requirements exactly, and will result in a better fit. In addition you choose the fabric and design as well as the style of curtain. You will not have to turn up the hem of overly long curtains and if you have an unusually shaped window space you can rest assure that your new curtains will be a perfect fit.

There are several different types of curtains available. As well as the conventional type of curtains, you can choose from eyelet curtains, tab tops, pencil pleat and pinch pleat styles. Fabric samples can be viewed online or you can order free samples so that you can make your choice in the actual room where the made to measure curtains are to hang.

When taking measurements for your made to measure curtains make sure you double check your measurements before submitting them online. To measure the curtain width, do not measure along the window. Take measurements from the curtain pole or track instead. If you intend fitting a new curtain rail, this should extend by between 15 and 30 cm on both sides of the window at a height of 12 – 15 cm higher than the recess. Where there is a central overlap in the curtain rail, measure the rail and overlap, adding the overlap measurements to the rail measurements. Where a curtain pole is in place measure between the end finials. There are three lengths which are appropriate for made to measure curtains, these being 1 cm above the window sill, 15-20cm below the sill or 2cm above the radiator and 1 cm above the floor. In deciding which drop you require you need to consider any obstructions such as furniture that may get in your way if you select, for example, floor length made to measure curtains. To measure the length take three measurements along the space and submit the shortest of the three. For pencil pleat and pinch pleat made to measure curtains to be hung from a pole, measure the drop from the bottom of the decorative pole ring which will hang the curtains. Tab top curtains have a 10cm tab which is included in the drop measurements and so you need to measure from the top of the pole. In this case, the pole needs to have a diameter of 45mm. Eyelet heading made to measure curtains require a pole with a diameter of 30mm. The eyelet hole is positioned 3cm down from the top of the curtain and so when measuring from the top of the pole you must add 3cm onto your measurements. If you require a valance with your made to measure curtains, take your width measurements from the valance rail and not from the curtain rail.

Ordering your made to measure curtains is easy and convenient, and is often a cheaper option than buying from a shop or store.