Patio Awnings

Patio awnings are not only an attractive feature to the exterior of a property, but they also have practical value too. As a sun screen they protect you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun, extending your exposure time, as well as reducing the temperature within a property. Patio awnings can reduce the energy needed to cool a room by 80% to keep the room temperature at around 28 degrees. Fabrics used are UV rated for maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition patio awnings protect your carpets and furnishings from sun damage and fading. Patio awnings expand the home into the garden, providing extra space in the summer months where you can entertain your friends or relax without the inevitable rain spoiling your fun. You can now defy the British weather and use your patio space in style. With integral light fittings, evening illumination is particularly striking, and on those cooler days and evenings an integral heating system can be included. Wall mounted heaters supply infra red heat at a cost of around 8p per hour. Lighting and heating can be manually or remotely controlled. There are several different types of patio awning – the open awning, semi-cassette awning and full cassette awning. Open awnings have mechanisms and rollers which remain exposed, while semi-cassette awnings protect mechanisms and rollers from exposure to the weather and the underside remains open. The full cassette awning protects the roller, cover and complete arm system, all of which are stored in a closed cassette.

Some patio awnings operate manually while other designs have remote control operating systems. With automatic sun and wind sensors they will extend with sunny weather and retract with windy weather. This means that your home furnishings and room temperature control can be dealt with even when you are not there. Standard patio awning fabrics are shower proof but not waterproof. Standard folding arm awnings should be retracted during heavy rainfall and snowfall. PVC and other specialist fabrics can be used if waterproofing is required in a patio awning.

Prices vary depending on style, size, fabric and mechanisms required, but a full swing awning measuring 3 metres by 4 metres costs around £2,000 including vat and installation, with motor and hand held transmitter. Electrically operated patio awnings are controlled with the touch of a button. Manually controlled awnings require more operational attention. A gearbox is usually attached to a roller tube at the end of the awning and a removable winding handle slots into the gearbox drive shaft to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise in order to extend or retract the patio awning. Maintenance of patio awnings is minimal and inexpensive. The frame can be kept clean by regular wiping with a damp cloth and mild detergent solution. The awning fabric can also be wiped clean in the same way and rinsed with water. Eventual general wear and tear as well as fading will occur. Replacement covers can be purchased and fitted. Patio awnings provide you with the opportunity to use your patio all year round and not just during the short spells of good weather.