Ready Made Curtains

Choosing ready made curtains online is extremely easy. There are many websites to choose from, enabling you to browse at your leisure as well as comparing prices, service, fabrics available and the different styles of  curtains. Choose from traditional gathered ready made curtains, eyelet, tab, pencil pleat,with valance and tie backs. Although you can look at the different colour ways online, you do not get a perfect representation of the fabric, texture and colour. However, you can order free fabric samples to consider at home before choosing which design and style you require. Alternatively, you can order your curtains from a High Street store.

There are several advantages to buying ready made curtains rather than made to measure curtains. Firstly, ready made curtains are a cheaper alternative. Secondly, you can easily accommodate a slightly wider curtain with extra gathering and can deal with excessive length easily with most stores and some websites offering an alteration service, although if you are handy with the needle and thread it will not take up much of your time to do it yourself. Thirdly, ready made curtains come in 3 standard drops, making it simpler for you to make a selection. Buying ready made curtains from a store means that you get to see the item before you buy it, you are able to feel the texture and see the colour of the fabric and you can find yourself a real bargain to boot.

Alternatively another option is to make your own curtains. All you need is a sewing machine, some basic sewing skills, fabric and thread and the heading tape to which you will fasten your curtain hooks. This option gives you even broader scope and the opportunity for an even cheaper pair of curtains than you would get if they were ready made. It will also enable you to purchase a more expensive and better quality fabric then you would get for the same price from ready made curtains. In addition, your curtains will be made to measure without the extra expense. They will fit your window recess perfectly, provided you take accurate measurements. Take 3 measurements along the window for the width and use the shortest length for your fabric. Take 3 measurements also for the drop and use the shortest measurement again. If you are planning to make your own curtains, decide how much gather you want. For example, some curtains measure double the actual width of a window before they are gathered along the heading tape, while others are only one and a half times the width of a window. Get advice from sales assistants at the fabric shop. By giving them the actual window recess measurements they can assess the amount of fabric you require. Do not forget to make allowances for edging hems. Buying ready made curtains is a cheaper alternative to made to measure curtains, and you can hang them immediately without having to wait.