Window Blinds (Venetian, Vertical, Roman, Roller, Blackout & Velux)

Window blinds provide a modern, fresh and clean look to any room. Blinds are very versatile and there are a variety of types of window blinds to suit all rooms.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a popular type of blind that is common in many rooms in the house. These blinds consist of horizontal slats that are attached to a cord which allows you to control the level of sunlight and control the level of privacy you require. Although popular in every room, these blinds are particularly good for living rooms as they are stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds consist of vertical slats that are attached to two cords or rods that can be twisted. They allow you a great deal of control over both sunlight and privacy. These blinds are particularly fashionable and come in a variety of styles, this makes them suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from fabric and when raised form soft folds, this is operated by a cord. As they are made from fabric and are soft, they provide a good alternative to curtains in homely rooms such as the living room. They are available in a range of contemporary styles which means there is something to fit in with every living room. The blinds also lay flat against the window surface when closed, this is particularly good when blocking out all light, especially if you live on a busy road or near a streetlight. It also provides very good insulation against drafts and heat.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a common type of blind. They consist of a piece of fabric that is attached to a roller tube, you simply pull the cord down to open the blind. This makes the blind very easy to operate and as a result, extremely child friendly. Roller blinds are able to withstand high levels of humidity and are extremely durable and practical which makes them ideal for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive making them an economical option.

Blackout Blinds

These blinds are similar to roller blinds, they effectively ‘blackout’ the room, ensuring that no light enters. These blinds are particularly good for the bedroom as they can aid a good night’s sleep by blocking out outside light. They are also good for babies’ and young childrens’ bedrooms who may go to bed before it gets dark.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are horizontally pleated fabric material that when pulled up, sit flat on top of the window. This makes them an attractive option and provides a great deal of control over privacy and sunlight. Pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories as they can be specially made to fit the windows in the roof. They are a good option for rooms with awkward shaped windows.

Woodweave Blinds

Woodweave blinds are similar to roman blinds, they are operated with a cord and roll up when they are open. Instead of fabric, natural fibres are woven together from sources such as bamboo and poplar wood. Woodweave blinds suit almost any room, they fit in well with both traditional and modern decor. They provide a natural look and are extremely practical. The material used also makes these blinds a natural insulator and they are also a good option for conservatories.

Velux Window Blinds

Velux window blinds are also known as skylight blinds. As loft windows are often at slanted angles, a special kind of blind is required to fully cover the window. As roof windows are hard to reach, these blinds often have remote controls so you can easy adjust the amount of light you require. These blinds are extremely fashionable as well as being very practical and are easy to install.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are fabric panels that are on tracks. You use a cord to open and close the blinds, they are neatly stacked to the side when not in use. This is a very popular option for large windows and patio doors. They also make a great room divider.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are side by side hexagonal cells. These blinds trap air and therefore protect from the cold, this makes them extremely energy efficient. They also absorb sound and so are ideal for a study. As well as being very functional and hard wearing, the blinds are also compact and neat with a stylish appearance.

There are many types of window blinds to choose from, each having their own distinct advantages. There are different types of window blinds to suit every room and every house with varying prices, fabrics, styles and functionality.