Window or Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a hinged cover for a door or window. They have slats to allow you to control the level of light and privacy you require in the room and make a good alternative to curtains or blinds. There are many different styles of shutters meaning there is likely to be something for every room.

Types of Shutters

Café style shutters are a popular option. These originated in French cafés and are a good option for both kitchens and living rooms. Café style shutters go half way up the window, this makes them a good option economically. This allows plenty of light into the room yet still provides privacy for your home. If you wish to have the option of completely blocking out all light you should consider full height plantation style shutters. These look particularly stylish on large long windows and patio doors. A third style of shutter is the tier-on-tier shutter. This is where there are two levels of shutter that operate independently. This gives you much more control over the amount of light and level of privacy you wish to have. Solid shutters offer less control over these factors as they can only be either open or closed. However, these shutters can look very attractive and provide an old fashioned elegance and a high level of privacy.

Pros and Cons of shutters

There are both benefits and drawbacks to shutters. Shutters are extremely effective at insulating against noise, this may be an important consideration if you live on a busy road or are exposed to a lot of outside noise. They are also easy to maintain as they need a simple dust occasionally. This is also good for hygiene, particularly if you or your family have allergies. You are also able to easily control the amount of light or privacy you require. Indoor shutters act as an insulator and as a result are extremely energy efficient. Aesthetically, shutters provide a clean modern and luxurious look and may add value to your home, they also come in a range of different materials. There are also some drawbacks to shutters. They can be expensive and some shutter styles such as solid shutters are not suitable for every home as they may require more space than is available. However, there should be a type of shutter to fit every house. The features of the house should be taken into consideration when choosing the style and material.


It is possible to instal shutters yourself, but you should have good DIY skills and sufficient time to undertake the task. For people who do not have DIY experience you should consider a professional fitting. You should ensure that the company is professional, has a good reputation and has sufficient experience. You can find out this information from online reviews or the recommendation of a friend.

Shutters provide an unusual alternative to blinds or curtains. They can add value to your home and are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are different styles of shutters available, meaning that there is something suitable for almost every home.