Glow-worm Gas Boilers

Glow worm boilerSeventy five years of experience providing customers with advanced hot water and heating solutions has enabled Glow Worm to create a reputation for excellent customer service and efficient, reliable heating products.

Their customer charter places the emphasis on providing a fast, efficient boiler servicing, which includes next day or priority appointments whenever possible. Glow Worm offers a complete range of boilers from domestic boilers to solar and renewable technology heating.
Glow Worm Combi boilers offer a range of energy efficient boilers to suit everyone, from the entry point Betacom C range right through to the advanced Ultracom cxi range. The Ultracom cxi Combi boilers are the latest range of advanced technology water heaters with digital programmers and stainless steel heat exchangers.

They have been designed to look good and with their easy to use push button controls you can set your heater to do exactly what you wish within seconds. In addition, any potential problems can be easily corrected with the inbuilt diagnostic programme.

The Ultracom cxi has been awarded the highest efficiency rating, the SEDBUK A and can run on either gas or LPG. Also in the Glow Worm Combi boiler range is the Xtramax XE which allows water to be drawn from two or three taps simultaneously and can also deliver up to two hundred litres of hot water.

Advanced Open vent boilers, often used when a house has more than one bathroom or where there is low water pressure, are also available from Glow worm. The Ultracom hxi is an open vent boiler which allows you to programme twenty four hour or seven day schedules.

In addition, they add style to your home with orange backlit push button controls. Like other boilers in the Glow Worm range, the Ultracom hxi has inbuilt frost protection. The Flexicom hx has been designed to make replacing an existing boiler easy by being small and compact, while still delivering great performance.

Glow Worm also produce a range of System boilers which enable you to have your hot water stored seperately. The Ultracom sxi has a SEDBUK A rating and is available in both eighteen or thirty kilowatt outputs. The Flexicom sx can be easily fitted to most places in your home and has been designed to be flexible and compact. It is a small unit which is compatible with most other cylinders.

Designed specifically for larger homes, the Ultrapower sxi has achieved the SEDBUK A rating and is recognised as one of the most energy efficient boilers in the UK. The innovative storage system enables fast water heating times, yet the unit is small enough to fit into an airing cupboard.

Due to its storage design, it can deliver hot water comparable to that of a hundred and seventy litre cylinder. The unit has advanced diagnostics and a back-up immersion heater, so you should never be without hot water when you need it. The Ultrapower sxi can use LPG, even without a conversion kit.

Glow Worm demonstrates its continued policy of providing the latest in eco-friendly products with its range of solar  hot water and highly efficient heating solutions. Flexibly designed panels allow these units to be mounted in a range of sites in and around your home and garden.