Ideal Combi & System Boilers

ideal boilerIdeal Boilers have been providing innovative solutions to home heating since 1905. Today, they are one of only two per cent of the companies in the United Kingdom to achieve World Class Manufacturing status.

Over the years they have been at the forefront of some fundamental changes to how we heat our homes, doing more than any other company in the 1920s to introduce heating systems into low priced houses.

Fast forward to 2005 and Ideal were one of the first companies to introduce condensing boilers to meet the requirements of new Government legislation.

Ideal continue their innovative approach into the present day with their efficient Esprit HE range and Solar range, created to meet the demand for environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Ideal take the view that their systems should be easy to install, service and maintain, therefore many of their systems have parts in common with their other products, meaning that replacement parts, should they be needed, are easily supplied. This means that they are able to deliver extremely reliable boilers which are usually self adjusting to meet individual customers demands.

Ideal have listened to boiler installers and have designed a range of Combi boilers which are designed to be reliable, efficient and easy to use. They come with a five year parts and labour warranty. Combi boilers owe their popularity to the fact that they do not require hot water cylinders in airing cupboards, or tanks and cisterns in the loft.

They are great for smaller homes, as they are compact units. However, Ideal have now developed Combi boilers which can heat three or four bedroom homes easily. Ideal’s range of Logic + Combi, Logic Combi, Esprit HE and the isar HE provide a range of heating boilers to suit all homes.

Ideals range of System, or heat only boilers, includes the icos system HE. This system has been designed to be easily installed and to provide substantial savings on installation and running cost. The icos System HE is a high efficiency boiler with a pre mix burner which allows gas input to be linked to a fans speed for much greater efficiency. It is automatically controlled to cope with the heating load of the consumer.

Ideal have a solution to the central heating and hot water required for larger homes. Their istor boiler is a high efficiency store boiler and combines the heater and water tank in one box, which means that large volumes of hot water can be supplied on demand, which enables hot water to be supplied when there are demands from other household appliances at the same time.

It can easily be fitted into an airing cupboard, or a utility room. It has the advantage of being able to recover in only seven to ten minutes instead of the usual half an hour which many home-owners have to contend with.

The demand for greener systems has seen Ideal produce a range of solar heating products. Ideal Solar collects the sun’s energy and makes it available to use when required. They are a supplement to water usage; and will help to reduce boiler usage even in the darker months. They also provide the advantage of reducing the impact on the environment by lowering carbon emissions.