Potterton Combi and System Condensing Boilers

Potterton boilerIf you are looking for some of the best, most reliable heating solutions available then you need look no further than Potterton Boilers. Potterton were formed in 1850 by Thomas Potterton and since then have built their reputation on introducing some of the most technologically advanced boilers for the home and providing a level of customer service which is hard to beat.

In addition, the company provides some of the best Combi boilers on the market and have twice been awarded the Which Best Buy award for their Potterton Gold Combi 24 HE boiler. This boiler has been awarded the highest energy efficiency rating, the SEDBUK Band A and comes with a three year parts and labour warranty. Together with other high efficiency boilers in the range, Potterton Boilers can produce up to nineteen per cent extra heat than a standard efficiency boiler, meaning that you can keep your fuel bills to a minimum. Potterton Boilers can run on gas or LPG and have been designed to meet the latest Government efficiency legislation as well as building regulation requirements.

Potterton also produce a range of heat only boilers which are suitable for any property. From the Potteron Promax HE Plus, to the Potterton Suprima HE. Potterton provide the correct solution for your needs. These wall mounted heaters are lightweight and are suitable for fitting into the smallest kitchen space. You can choose from a range of outputs to suit you and again, all units come with a parts and labour warranty.

If you prefer to have your hot water stored on a separate unit anywhere in your home, then you should consider Potterton system boilers. The Potterton Promax System 24 HE boiler can, if required, be situated in an unventilated cupboard. It has been awarded the highest energy efficiency rating, the SEDBUK Band A and like other boilers in Potterton’s range has two stage frost protection. Like the System 24 HE boiler, the other system boiler in the range, the Performa System HE can run on gas or can be converted to LPG.

You may wish to have your heat provided by a floor standing boiler, in which case the Potterton HE Store or the Potterton Promax FSB 30 HE may well be right for you. Both have been awarded SEDBUK Band A ratings and have been designed to be easily installed with their unique roller system and low lift weight and as these floor standing boilers remove the need for tanks in the loft, they can save time during installation, whilst saving space.

Another new innovation, the Multifit Gas Saver, can save up to thirty seven percent of the energy required to heat water from your boiler. Potterton’s latest technology has produced an innovative product which allows hot water to be supplied faster, whilst at the same time reducing gas consumption. The unit recycles the heat that would normally be produced from flue gases and has been shown to potentially reduce the gas needed to heat hot water by a massive fifty per cent over the course of the year.

The latest technology has been used by Potterton to produce a range of solar heaters. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, these units are guaranteed for up to ten years.