Vaillant Condensing Boilers

Vaillant boilerFor the past hundred and thirty five years Vaillant have been at the forefront of the heating market. Over this period, they have often been the quickest to introduce new ways of heating the home to their customers. They were amongst the first to introduce water heaters in the early part of the twentieth century and introduced the most popular form of heater, the Combi boiler thirty five years ago.

Vaillant take a continuous improvement to customer service, whilst at the same time looking ahead to make sure their products are the best available in terms of efficiency and low emissions.

Vaillant, Europe’s leading supplier of water heaters aims to make choosing the correct heater for your home as easy as possible. Take a look at the Vaillant website and you will see an easy to use chart describing the most suitable heating systems for each type of dwelling. For example, if you have a three or four bedroomed home you will find suggestions for the most suitable boiler, depending on whether you prefer an Open Vent system, a System boiler or a Combi boiler.

The law requires that boilers fitted since 2005 are either high efficiency or condenser boilers (which is their alternative name). These boilers have a heat exchanger which produces extra heat from the flue gasses by recovering warmth from the condensing water vapour. This has the effect of preheating the water, meaning less wasted heat is lost.

Many of the boilers in the Vaillant ecoTec range have been awarded the SEDBUK ‘A’ rating, meaning that they are among the most efficient and can typically average ninety per cent efficiency, whilst older boilers can be as low as fifty six per cent. As a result, you may find yourself saving up to £240 a year in heating bills.

Vaillant produces a range of Combi boilers which provide heat for central heating, as well as providing you with hot water ‘on demand’. Their range of ecoTec exclusive, plus and pro range boilers are easily programmable and have a two stage frost protections system. In addition, they have a comprehensive diagnostic and status system which allows you make sure that your system is working at its most efficient. Combi boilers are ideal for bungalows, loft conversions, small rooms, or if there are many people in the home requiring hot water.

System boilers are what you need if you have two or more bathrooms, low mains water pressure, or if you are upgrading your system from an old one. A System boiler such as the ecoTec 612, 624, or 637 can deliver hot water to several outlets at the same time due to its connection to a hot water cylinder, which is usually fitted in an airing cupboard.

Open vent systems are again useful for low pressure water areas or homes with two or more bathrooms and they can be worthwhile if you want to upgrade your system. However, as they require two tanks in the loft, many people decide to remove the tanks and opt for a System boiler or a Combi. Vaillant’s ecoTec plus 415, 418, 428 and 438 provide a range of highly efficient boilers suitable for medium and larger sized homes.