Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester boilerFor almost half a century Worcester Bosch, part of the Bosch group, has pioneered a domestic range of oil fired boilers. Since then they have expanded their range significantly and now offers one of the broadest ranges of heating options available on the market. Today, Worcester Bosch manufactures gas boilers, oil fired boilers as well as boilers which run on LPG.

You will find conventional boilers as well as some of the most up-to-date Combi boilers and their website offers an excellent range of System boilers, too. Added to this is their hugely successful range of oil fired boilers such as the Greenstar Heatslave range which can save up to ten per cent of your average heating cost.

Worcester Bosch is also leading the way in modern heating technologies with a range of solar heating panels as well as a range of ground source and air source heat pumps which offer an alternative to the more common forms of heating. These may only be suitable in certain circumstances, so check whether they are available in your area.

Such is the Worcester Bosch commitment to new technology that they have produced the Micro CHP. This combines a condensing boiler with a Sterling engine to not only produce a system which heats up the heating system and water system, but also supplies electricity for the home. The Micro CHP unit burns fuel more efficiently and field trials are intended to finish in 2011.

If you are considering heating your loft space or bungalow, or if there is a demand for hot water immediately in your home, then you should consider a Combi boiler. A Combi boiler does not require a separate cylinder in the cupboard; therefore it does not take up extra space. Indeed, if you are converting from an older system, you may find that you have more space available. Water is available on demand and the Combi boiler has become so popular that it now accounts for over half of the new boilers installed each year. Combi boilers can save money due to greater efficiency and lower installation costs. Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar range are SEDBUK ‘A’ category efficient boilers. They come in a range of outputs, which makes finding the correct one for your home much easier.

If you have an existing central heating system, there is a strong likelihood that you will have a conventional or regular boiler. These usually consist of a boiler, which requires a feeder tank and expansion cistern. They also require a hot water cylinder, which is usually placed in an airing cupboard. Regular boilers are still in demand, more so if you have a home with more than two bathrooms and also if you live in area with low water pressure. Worcester Bosch has launched a new range of floor standing boilers which are SEDBUK ‘A’ category rated.

System boilers may be an alternative worth considering. The System boiler does not require fees and expansion tanks and because many of the components are built in, they offer the option of a faster response and reduced running costs. Worcester Bosch has launched a new range of ‘A’ rated System boilers which may cut your water bills by between fifteen and twenty per cent.