Garden Conservatory

By | March 10, 2009

A garden conservatory is typically a small, glass structure which is usually attached to the side of a house and serves as an extension. It is normally used as a separate living space or lounge area but can have many uses such as a play area, a place of work, a studio for dancing or aerobics, a spare bedroom or as a storage space. A good garden conservatory can add great value to your house.

Conservatories can be made of many different materials. The most common materials however are glass and plastic or glass and brick. This gives the illusion of being outdoors and is a great way to enjoy the beauty of your garden in all types of weather. As many of them are made of glass they also double up as a different type of greenhouse and as a result heat up very quickly. (This makes them the perfect space to grow flowers and even dry clothes!) It is important to make sure that they are very well ventilated in the summer. You can achieve this by opening a window or purchasing a fan. They can also be very cold at night time during the winter months so a good heater is also well worth purchasing.

A garden conservatory needs a lot of care and attention as they can easily get damaged or flooded during bad weather such as hail stones or heavy rain. Another problem with having a glass conservatory is leaves settling on the roof which of course ruins the beautiful view. This can easily be amended by using a broom or rake to push the leaves off the top