Sash Window Repair and Refurbishment

Timber period windows such as sash window styles play an important role in the aesthetic quality of an older property. In this age of environmental awareness many people who live in period houses with sash windows realise the necessity to update them Whilst wishing to keep the character of the house which is provided by this window system, many original sash windows are not efficient at keeping heat inside the home. In addition, original window frames and cords may have rotted or warped to an extent that they no longer function well.

The solution to the majority of common problems with sash windows can be resolved via a repair which can be a far cheaper alternative to replacement sash windows

Draught proofing can be achieved with perimeter sealing brushes fixed into staff and parting beads without altering the window’s appearance. Your sash windows can be soundproofed by use of acoustic or noise reducing glass, or you may opt for double glazing units which are manufactured to be thin enough to fit within the original sash window frame. Alternatively, a secondary window can be fitted to reduce heat loss and eliminate noise, and which can easily be removed during the warmer summer months. This is by far the most economical option.

By fitting your sash window with an airlock system it is possible to maintain security by locking the window in place, allowing a window to remain partly open, ventilating a room whilst it cannot be opened fully. This is an excellent security measure against intruders but also as a safety element to protect small children from climbing out of an upper floor window. Another option to achieve the same results is a sash window stop which can easily be removed by an adult in an emergency.

An economical option to lead sash weight replacement is the spiral sash balance, a system of stainless steel spiral rod tension and torsion springs, acting as a balance to maintain equilibrium in your sash window.

Refurbishment can range from replacing a rotten section of sash window frame, replacing a cracked or broken glazing pane, repairing the top or bottom section of the frame or even just the interior or exterior sill. In addition, a new smooth running cord or lead sash weight may be all that is required in order for the sash window to function to its full potential.