uPVC French & Patio Doors

Both uPVC French doors and uPVC patio doors offer considerable benefits:-

  • Increased light within a room.
  • Reduction in heat loss.
  • Reduction in noise infiltration.
  • Reduction in fuel bills.
  • Low maintenance.

uPVC French Doors

As well as enhancing the appearance of your property uPVC French Doors provide increased light to a room while offering easy access to a garden or balcony. Providing double opening doors, uPVC French Doors are also an excellent way of ventilating a room. The impression they create internally is one of increased space and light, whilst externally they offer a sense of style and elegance.

They can be tailor made to any width or height. uPVC French Doors and side panels are fitted with toughened safety glass as standard and are weather proof, tough, easy to maintain and just wipe clean. In addition, they do not warp or rot and therefore require no painting. A great concern of customers’ when considering uPVC French Doors is security. uPVC French Doors are designed with an anti jemmy fitting system.

Available in a choice of designs and finishes, French Doors are fitted with toughened glass double glazing and fully sealed for maximum insulation, increasing domestic energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and cutting down noise infiltration. They can be fitted to open in or out and are available with or without midrails, with a choice of clear or frosted glass. uPVC French Doors are available in half glazed or full glazed designs. They can be fitted with restrictor hinges to prevent slamming during strong gusts of wind. French doors can also be used as an internal partition to divide two rooms such as the lounge and dining room.

uPVC Patio Doors

uPVC Patio Doors create a dramatic impact with two uninterrupted glazed panels, one of which slides across, providing access to the patio or garden. They are available in right slide or left slide styles. The advantage of the uPVC Patio Door over the uPVC French Door is its ability to reduce space loss by sliding across rather than opening in or out. This means that you can arrange your furniture right up to the patio door and still be able to access the door space. In addition, the patio door integrates the outside space with the connecting room. For example, in the dining room a floor length double glazed patio door gives a complete view of the outside world, and when fully opened creates an impression of an extended space. Sliding patio doors can also be used as a partition to divide two rooms stylishly.

Many designs come with a central locking system, steel mushroom headed bolts to prevent doors being lifted from the frame, and a locking lever with steel bolt for increased security. The sliding door is fitted to an easy glide track to make effortless opening and closing. As well as an extensive range of security features, uPVC Patio Doors are highly durable, requiring minimum maintenance and no painting. They are easy to keep clean, increase energy efficiency and can reduce heating bills considerably whilst increasing noise reduction