uPVC Replacement Sash Windows

Replacement uPVC sash windows will retain the period charm of your property while providing many benefits and new features. By using uPVC the elegance of the traditional window is retained whilst incorporating the advantages of modern materials as well as the architectural features such as the brass ware which enhances its charm. Such advantages include:-

  • Heat loss reduction.
  • Noise reduction.
  • No more rattling frames.
  • Smooth running action.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • No more laborious painting.

Further benefits include stronger fixing for heavy sashes, and maintenance of authentic appearance. The Energy Saving Trust have found that 20% of heat loss from the home is via windows and is considerably higher for homes with sash windows. However, they have also found that by fitting replacement uPVC sash windows you can reduce heat loss by an incredible 74% compared with original sash windows. This means you are also saving on fuel bills. In addition, noise infiltration is considerably reduced by fitting double or triple glazing.

uPVC replacement sash windows look authentic with a white painted grained timber effect texture or a choice of timber effect colours. To add to that authentic look, many models are designed with the Victorian continuous horn which was originally incorporated to protect the pane of glass from the cord weight. Another authentic feature is that of the deep bottom rail along the lower sash, which is traditionally deeper than its side members.

uPVC frames improve the security of your property, and glazing is laminated or toughened for safety. Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass. Security is considerably improved with modern technology when fitting replacement uPVC sash windows, the latest shoot bolts and key locks incorporated for safety. In addition, modern style balance can be fitted, making for smoother and more efficient opening and closing of heavy sashes. Limit stops can also be incorporated, allowing an opening limit of 100mm, making it an important safety aspect particularly for small children. Tilt restrictors allow the sash to be tilted for easy cleaning of the glass from inside the property. Glazing panes can also be coated with a special coating to reflect or absorb solar heat and as a dirt deterrent.

uPVC sash windows are available in a variety of styles including Georgian bars with small glass panes. These are fitted with face fixing bars and internal back to back spacer bars inside sealed units to give the impression of individual glass panes. With sprung counter balance sashes there is no more sticking, offering obvious benefits over the traditional system of iron and lead sash weights on waxed cord which is susceptible to breakage. uPVC replacement sash windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes:-

  • arches,
  • raked frames,
  • bay windows,
  • door and window combinations,
  • fire escape options.

You should also consider refurbishment which can be a cost effective alternative to complete replacement.