Garage Conversion

Garage storage solutions can transform the space. Image courtesy of Garage Pride

Making the Most of your Garage

Often a garage can become a dumping ground for the rest of the home; a place to put things when you run out of other storage options. However, a garage is a useful area with a wealth of possibilities.

If you do want to use your garage as a storage area, this can be organised efficiently in order to make the most of the available space. Specific areas can be designated for different types of storage, or for different family members.

There are companies that specialise in storage solutions for your garage providing a range of storage items including cabinets, bike storage, shelving and wall panels, as well as accessories such as work benches, hooks, racks and baskets. They even supply a variety of floor tiles to give your garage a homely feel, and minimise dust and debris from cement floors.

Alternatively, you could try organising the garage yourself by having a good sort out, and fitting cabinets and shelves obtained from your local DIY store.

Alternative Uses

Home office within garage conversion. Image courtesy Anglian Home

As well as acting as a storage area, or a place to park your car, the garage can provide a handy extra room in the home. First you need to decide what type of room you require, and whether your garage is suitable for this purpose. Some suggestions are:

  • Do not remove
  • Home office
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Playroom or games room
  • Kitchen
  • Gymnasium
  • Home cinema
  • Granny flat

Before embarking on one of these projects, a number of factors should be considered:

  • Do not remove
  • What budget do you have available?
  • Will you need to have planning permission, or adhere to building regulations to carry out the conversion?
  • Will you be able to undertake the work yourself, or will you require the help of professionals such as architects and builders?

Points to Consider

Single garage conversion


Your budget will largely dictate whether you will undertake the work yourself or whether you will be able to afford to hire professional help. In either case, it would be advisable to fix a budget at the outset and try to stick to it. As a rule of thumb a typical professional single garage conversion cost will come in under £10,000 whilst a double will be around the £20,000 mark.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

You should check whether you need planning permission for any work that you are going to carry out, and also make sure that you conform with building regulations.

Professional Help or DIY?

If you are going to carry out the work yourself, as well as obtaining planning permission and adhering to building regulations, you will need to plan how the project will be achieved. Is the space sufficient for the ideas you have in mind? Will you need to insert extra windows or doors? What about heating and lighting? Try making a scaled diagram of your garage to help you decide where to place items.