Storage Solutions

Banish Clutter for Good

The garage/loft is a good place to keep household items and equipment. However for this reason it can all too easily become a messy and unorganised space. In order to prevent such an occurrence it helps to have some good storage solutions. By adopting clever shelving and cupboards you can keep this area of your property practical as well as a tidy living space.

Storage Units

Storage units cover a wide spectrum of designs, but typically refer to a unit of three tiers, such as draws. The way in which you use your garage or loft, particularly if it’s a conversion, will help you to decide on the look of the unit you buy. They come in a variety of materials so if you are storing office items or tools for example then plastic, metal or wood is better. Materials such as wicker or cotton are generally more attractive and can be used to keep CDs, DVDs or newspapers and magazines.

Boxes & Baskets

This type of storage can be found throughout many properties as they can be used anywhere from study rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Shelving & Cabinets

Shelving can be both traditional or contemporary in appearance. It can be used to store decorative items and also hold boxes and baskets for additional storage.

If you are wishing to store heavier items then bracket shelves will bear the weight better.

For concealing items and to clear away clutter, cabinets are best. Units tend to be made from metal or wood, meaning they are robust. For examples, visit Garage Pride.

Where to buy?

Hardware stores are ideal places to purchase storage solutions. But such items can also be found on the high street. Recommended retailers include: