Bi-Folding Doors for Every Occasion

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors

Walls are extremely useful. Of course, that is something of an understatement and one that makes an entirely obvious point. However, whilst walls are in every sense the pillars of modern housing, they have the unfortunate side effect of not being windows. Again, this is stating the obvious quite painfully and may possibly border on pointlessness. Nevertheless, there is a point. In fact, a very good point: that walls block out the outside and close in the inside.

Indeed, walls do such an excellent job of separating the outside from the inside that they maintain the impression that the two are mutually exclusive. However, with a bi-folding door installation the interior space of a home and the outside world can be united to great effect.

Bringing in the Great Outdoors

With the economic crisis in mind, the typical homeowner is reluctant to sell their property and has instead shown a desire for home improvement. Furthermore, as predicted by the MET Office, the British Summer of 2009 will be a hot, dry and sunny affair, so what better time than now to create a living space that will be able to enjoy the glorious promised sunshine?

A bi-folding door installation effectively substitutes an entire exterior wall space for a number of glass panel doors that, when fully opened, fold in on each other in a concertina fashion. This allows the sunshine and fresh air to flood into the home, which is ideal for hot Summer days or when entertaining guests at a party. Indeed, bi-folding doors can completely transform a dark and lifeless room into a refreshingly open, fun and sun-drenched living area, allowing guests to walk freely between the house and garden patio. Furthermore, bi-folding doors remove the divide between nature and the indoors without removing the option to close it all off again when the heavens open!

Bi-folding doors are also excellent for interior spaces and really open up the interior living space. Crucially, they allow homeowners to switch between private living areas and an open plan environment with ease, which is perfect for the family home that throws a party once in a while.