Garden Accessories

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If you are looking to improve the look and function of your garden or add to an existing garden landscaping project then you may wish to consider the following types of garden accessories.

Enhancing the Look of your Garden

Outdoor Lighting

Lights in the garden serve three key purposes – to improve visibility, add ambiance and increase attractiveness.

Post and wall lights will cover the first of these needs as they will provide the greatest source of light. Post lights can be used to light up paths and driveways with many products utilising solar power. Wall lights can be used both at the front and rear of a home to light up an area and also provide added security.

If you are carrying out a garden landscaping project then it may be worth looking into decking lights, ground lights and uplighting/downlighting. All of these sources can illuminate your surroundings, highlight certain features of your garden and give a soft relaxing glow.

LED lights can be used to create a real wow factor in your garden. As long as they are near to a source of electrics, these can be hung anywhere, from trees, fences, bushes and shrubs to walls.

It’s worth noting that if you do choose to install a lighting feature in your garden then you need to make sure the installation is safe from trip hazards and also of a low voltage to prevent dangerous shocks.

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Garden Dividers

If you have a good size garden the use of dividers can be a great way to split the space. Glass is becoming an increasingly popular way to create “rooms” in your garden. The advantages of glass over trellis is that it can act as a windbreaker and also a suntrap.

Trellis structures on the other hand are more traditional and can be used to enhance flower displays.

Planters & Sculptures

Using planting and sculptures can help shape the look of your garden with the minimum of effort. Not only do they work as attractive focal pieces in an outdoor living space they can also be used to complement the architecture of your home.

Outdoor Living

Garden Furniture
The type of garden furniture you use is entirely up to you. The varieties are endless and differ between materials, shapes, sizes and style.

The most traditional types feature a wooden set of dining table and chairs. Modern garden furniture in contrast can be much more experimental.

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Garden Heaters & Chimeneas

Having a source of heat in your garden is a great way to prolong summer dining and the amount of time your spend in your garden. Heaters and chimeneas can be both practical as well as stylish features in your outdoor living space.

A heater will either rely on gas or electric and can provide a high heat output. Chimeneas are also an effective heat source but instead use wood or coal to give warmth.

Barbecues & Wood Fired Ovens

Barbecues are classic cooking tools for the summer. There are a variety of barbecues to suit any need. These can include free standing or built in models, which can features the use of gas or coal, covers and multiple grills.

For keen cooks or a stylish twist having a wood fired oven is a great alternative to the barbecue. These structures can be used for a greater range of cooking and can be built by professionals or taken on as DIY projects. For inspiration, check out the range by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, here.