Improve Your Garden to Add Space & Value

By | February 4, 2009

Improving your garden – whether it be by hard landscaping, in the form of a garden patio, decking, etc., or constructing an extra room such as a garden office, studio, or gymnasium – is likely to not only increase your use and enjoyment of your outdoor space but also the overall value of your home. You do, of course, need to do some planning based on the size and orientation of your garden and what you actually want to do with it, but garden design may not be as difficult as you first imagine.

The trick is to divide the garden space into sections and tackle each section individually according to its purpose. It is also worth remembering that a garden is a space to be enjoyed by people and animals; immaculate topiary or delicate planting is all very well but not very practical if you need to ban your children and/or pets from playing in your garden because of the damage they may cause.

There are other practical considerations, of course. If you are creating a patio or outdoor dining space you probably want the area to experience some, but not excessive, sunshine so you may need to determine how the sun moves across your garden during the day. A south-facing space will experience sunshine all day (weather permitting, of course) whilst a west-facing space faces the sunset and may be ideal for intimate soirees. By the same token, if you are considering a wooden shed or a larger structure to add living or working space to your garden, you may or may not require planning permission. This is not usually needed for sheds of average size but do be careful if you are considering something larger or close to your house or if you live in a conservation area.