Outdoor Pool

Turn your Garden into a Leisurely Affair

The addition of a pool in your garden is a luxury indeed but having such a facility may not be as out of reach as you may think.

Space and budget are key factors when it comes to having an outdoor pool in your garden. By researching pool installations online you’ll be able to get a good scope to how and if these requirements can be met.

A pool can be used for leisure, relaxation or fitness and is a great way to get more from your garden.

Installing an Outdoor Pool

There are various stages which need to be fulfilled in order to complete the installation of an outdoor pool. An installer will need to work out an initial site survey, design service and a construction programme.

There are different types of outdoor pools available:

Concrete – Reinforced steel is used to create a duel layer cage which is set within the pool’s dug out form. Pool fittings such as drains are fitted into this steel cage. The steel cage is then sprayed with pre-mixed concrete to develop the walls and floor. This method is used typically for a 10m x 4m outdoor swimming pool and can usually be  constructed in a day, once the steel cage and back shuttering is in place.

Concrete pools are particularly good if you are looking to build a pool in an alternative shape to the standard rectangle.

Liner Pools – Liner pools are available in a variety of colours and patterns thanks to the use of solvent printed onto plain material.

These pools are constructed off site in a factory. As modern liner pools offer strength and flexibility there is no need for a concrete floor. A mix of sand and cement is used to line the pool floor which the pool shell is then fitted to. Rubber and plastic is used to create a water proof seal between the pool floor and walls.

This production technique is less labour intensive and a good way to save on construction costs and time.

Preformed Pools – These pools are usually manufactured off site in a factory. Common materials are glass reinforced plastic and acrylic. As the pools can be plumbed in the factory all the pipework can be tested before the installation.

To fit the pool into a garden a hole needs to be excavated. This needs to be lined with a mix of sand and cement in order to support the delivered pool shell.

A major advantage of preformed pools is the quality of finish which reduces the risk of leaks. Plus faster installation time.

Points to Consider

Do I have Enough Room?

The average outdoor swimming pool in the UK is about 10m x 5m . It is recommended to mark out the swimming pool on the lawn to firmly establish the right size.


For the best pool location you need to consider any trees as this could create problems through roots, leaves and shadowing. Also keep in mind drains, sewerage pipes, electric cables or soak-aways which should be kept well away from.


The cost of your pool will be determined by various factors – size, installation and materials – and so the total cost can vary greatly. As a general guideline a concrete pool with tile finish (8m x 4m) will costs approximately £28,000 in total.

You should also consider maintenance costs, heating and protection for your pool with a cover.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Outdoor pools do not generally require planning permission unless you are in a protected area such as a green belt, in a listed building or a conservation area. However, it is recommended that you contact your local authority to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Professional Help or DIY?

DIY pool kits are available for purchase if you wish to embark on such a project. However it is worth bearing in mind that there is a lot of laborious work and risks of leakage if you take on the work alone.

If you decided to use a professional the work will be carried out faster and to a higher finish. It’s worth noting that if you use an electrician or gas engineer (for heating etc) they should be qualified to carry out any work in accordance with the regulatory codes by NICEIC and the Gas Safe Register.

To view some examples of outdoor pools and seek further advice take a look at: