Summerhouses & Cabins


The Perfect Garden Retreat

Summerhouses and cabins allow homeowners the ability to escape all within the comfort of their own back garden or simply use the area as storage.


A summerhouse combines the shelter of the indoors with the openness of nature. These structures are typically available in widths of 2 x 4 meters and are generally made from wood. Prices can range from £400 – £1,500.

Planning permission and building regulations may be required if you wish to have a summerhouse so it’s advised that you check with your local authority prior to purchase.


A cabin is in essence the deluxe version of the summerhouse. Like the summerhouse, this building can be used for storage or living purposes.

An outdoor cabin is generally used to create extra space at home for accommodation and entertaining. The main advantage of a cabin is the reduced building work when compared to a home extension.

Sizes range from 2 x 4 meters to 4 x 6 meters wide and over. As prices are down to the size and style, a cabin can cost anywhere between £1,000 – £2,300.

As with summerhouses, cabins may require planning permission and certain building regulations.

In terms of assembly both these buildings can be constructed as a DIY project or by professionals. For maintenance they should also be treated with basecoats.

Examples of summerhouses and cabins can be seen at B&Q.