The Power Plant Growing Machine – Grow Plants, Herbs and Fruit in Your Home

By | August 3, 2009

NASA announced recently details of their latest development – An ‘aeroponic’ growing system that requires just water and an energy supply, which will allow consumers to grow plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit, in their own home. Doing away with the need for pesticides, soil, compost (and the insects that come with them), the Power Plant Growing Machine is the perfect solution to anyone wanting a vegetable plot, but without the space for one!

Entering the market will be two reasonably priced models. A small unit priced at around £34 and a more substantially sized model, retailing at £60. The Power Plant Growing Machine works by spraying the seeds (and eventually the roots) of the plant with hundreds of jet streams of nutrients. This enables the plants to grow at an accelerated rate (estimated normal growth of a seeded plant is 120 days, but with this device it can be just 90 days).

The device was developed by NASA with the intention of allowing those on space missions and placed on space stations to get their required ‘five a day’. Although the nutrient solution required to spray the plants is not organic, the producers still proclaim the health benefits of having one of these devices, stating that “home grown food is wholesome, tastes good and it is good for children to learn where plants come from”.

The Power Plant Growing Machine has been available to buy state side for over year now and UK customers can purchase the smaller models on-line. The larger Professional Power Plant Growing Machine is set to hit the shops imminently, the smaller model being rolled out if sales are successful.