Solar Energy Sparks Green Trend

By | April 14, 2009

An increasing number of DIY enthusiasts are combating rising fuel prices and lowering their carbon footprint by harnessing the power of the sun. Ecological fears and the recession have resulted in two trends permeating the home improvement industry; the first trend is the desire to damage the planet less by making houses ‘greener,’ and this could involve fitting solar panels and using renewable energy sources. The second trend is to save money, because in the UK the recession is hitting our purses hard.

Some of us take the time to compost left over vegetables, or have a water butt to catch rain to water the garden but now some people are actually creating their own green energy. Smart Energy UK are able to install solar systems which can supply a home with 70% of their annual hot water requirement and this not only reduces the amount of money a person needs to spend on their energy bill but also reduces the amount of fossil fuels (such as coal, gas and oil) which they are responsible for using each year.

Once installed, specialist solar devices provide an everlasting and totally free energy source for heating the water in your home. According to the Smart Energy UK website carbon emissions can be reduced by 2000 cubic meters per year using solar water heating for a single home.

Sarah Othman, writer for a number of home improvement websites, says that solar power is a useful tool and a good investment. She commented: “There are lots of benefits to using solar power in your home, obviously the main ones being financial and environmental. Some people think that in the UK we don’t have enough sunlight to benefit from solar panels but that isn’t true.”

She continued: “In winter you will still use the national grid but in the summer time you’ll see a big difference on your energy bills and feel great for doing your part to protect the planet.” She added: “You can even light up your garden with mini solar lanterns for those summer evening barbeques.”