Bring the Outdoors Indoors – With George Clarke

By | September 2, 2009

Channel Four’s, sparkly eyed home improvement hunk, George Clarke, is not content with thrilling women each week with shots of himself in a tight T-shirt knocking down walls with nothing but a sledge hammer and some manly force, but he is also on hand with some home design tips.

Fresh from the 4 Homes website, amongst the many useful, creative home improvement and design hints and tips, is this weeks hot topic – ‘20 Ways To Merge Outdoors With In‘.

Amongst these innovative tips you will find solutions to creating a balance between the inside of your home and its natural surroundings. A common sense approach (a familiar sight to avid viewers of Channel 4’s The Home Show), in at Number three, is ‘Fitting Folding Doors’. Specifically, Bi-folding doors, which can be retracted all the way, so the outdoors can merge with the indoors.

Another inspirational idea is to use identical flooring for outside and inside. The example provided by Mr Clarke is to use classic limestone flagstones for the living area inside and the patio area outside. This design creates a seamless effect when coupled with glass bi-folding doors.

If you don’t fancy replacing a whole wall with glass bi-folding doors, then one of the more attainable tips on the list is to simply ensure large windows are not cluttered. Ensure blinds or curtains are fully retracted and allow as much natural light and view of the outside as possible. Obviously, this works best with double glazing that face your garden, as opposed to street facing windows!

To read the full article of ’20 Ways To Merge Outdoors With In’, visit the 4 Homes website.