DIY Fans Cause Home Improvement Disasters

By | April 3, 2009

Specialist research regarding DIY disasters in the UK, which was funded by an insurance provider, revealed startling statistics recently. The new figures show that over one third of all Brits have had some form of DIY disaster in their homes and that almost one in four people have needed to make emergency calls to trained professionals to fix their home improvement ineptitudes.

In fact, home improvement is at the top of our list of disasters nationally, with 22% of us making a serious mistake whilst carrying out DIY work. Some of the catastrophes noted in the study included accidentally knocking a hole in a wall, drilling through electrical wires or even breaking water pipes.

Interestingly, however, many of us are currently unwilling to call in professionals unless it’s an emergency too; with a half of all people in the study saying that in the event of a wiring or water pipe accident they would get in an expert. However, only one third of the people in the study said that they would consider calling out an expert in the first place.

Stephen Ebbett an insurance professional for the company which did the study said: “As the credit crunch bites deeper, more people are doing up their homes rather than selling up – and they’re more inclined to do it themselves to save money.”

He added: “This can be a false economy if things do go wrong, particularly if they do have to call out a professional to right their wrongs and especially over a Bank Holiday. Assuming they can find one, it’s likely that they’ll be charged a premium by any tradesman over a holiday weekend just to set foot inside their door let alone fix the problem.”

Ebbett warned against doing home improvement work over the approaching Easter Break in particular because it can cost much more to use the services of a tradesman over a holiday period like Easter. He also said that getting a good home emergency policy in place is essential so that DIY fanatics can easily pay for any accidents.