Home Improvement Tips from George Clarke

By | June 19, 2009

Renovations Tips – Courtesy of George Clark

The baby blue eyed Mr Clark, of the Channel Four Home Show, has come up with a list of helpful, cost effective and safe, home improvement tips (For the full list, see the Channel Four website).

Near the top of Mr Clark’s most pressing ‘do’s’ (when it comes to home renovation), is sort out any problems your house may have before you start renovating! Check your layout plans, and understand any structural issues that may need attention.

The Home Show presenter also advised to beware of picking builders from the phone book, instead suggesting you find a builder based on reputation, and preferably having seen their completed work. It is advisable to get a contracted rate (and ensuring a contract is in place) this should save money, as opposed to paying anyone on-site on a daily basis! Also, try to pay anyone who is contracted on-site on a regular basis, only up to the value of work that has already been completed, and never pay ‘upfront’ for anything! (Beware cowboys!)

Mr Clark also recently stressed the importance of knowing and sticking to your budget, but never trying to cut costs by scrimping on electrics or plumbing, kitchens or bathrooms – you may save money now, but will end up paying for it in the future!

To conclude the top tips from the Architect with the know how and can do attitude, you are advised to never limit the amount of natural daylight you can get into your property (a top design tip stated that natural daylight can make spaces feel bigger!). Also, remember to maximise your amount of space, as extensions can rarely be ‘extended more’ later on!