Homemade Home Improvements

By | August 7, 2009

Despite what the home improvement television shows will suggest, not every house needs a new extension of bi-folding doors to constitute a home improvement. Indeed, it is often sufficient to simply tidy or completely declutter a home whilst slapping on a fresh coat of paint.

Nevertheless, a traditional home improvement will require some degree of change. This may be in the form of new furniture, a revamped décor or a fully landscaped garden ready for the barbecue summer (maybe next year). However, it is also possible to undertake significant home improvements without spending vast amounts of cash on new goods. In fact, many home improvements can be made completely by hand (well, that and a sewing machine).

Before setting about the task of making homemade home improvement items, which is a bit of a tongue-twister when read aloud, it is important to draw up a selection of desired goods so that materials can be considered and fully priced. Homemade cushions, sofa covers, blankets, curtains, mugs and glasses can all be considered, although with regard to the kitchenware these will need to be made by trained specialists so they are not so much homemade as ‘home designed’. Textile items, however, can be worked on at home with little more than the right fabrics and sewing equipment.

An area such as the living room can be completely transformed when new cushion covers and curtains are introduced. Moreover, the satisfaction that is derived from hand-crafting such items is matched by the delight in being able to control the precise look and feel of the room. Additionally, the whole house can be redecorated in this way to provide a brand new look without spending vast sums on designer goods.