Summer Home Improvement Projects – Top Tips from Jenny Wagner

By | July 20, 2009

Jenny Wagner, leading home interior improvement executive for the, has some fresh tips to motivate you to tackle some Home Improvement Projects – now the days are lighter and there is nowhere for your weary house to hide its sins in the summer sun!

Jenny suggests starting with easy jobs (though by no means pleasant ones) such as clearing guttering. Next on her list is painting, both inside and out. We all know that nothing lifts a room quite like a fresh coat of paint (remember that paint is a budget friendly way to give a room a new look), and now its warmer and drier you can really get to it – with no weather interruptions!

Another job that is all too easy to put off during those cold winter months is cleaning the double glazing. Essential for letting light in during summer and winter, heating your house and even killing off mould spores. Use a ready made solution, make your own with vinegar or, as the suggests, using dish soap.

The next big job is cleaning your carpets. Essential to get rid of dust mites and any pet (or human) hair, grime and lingering smells. The suggests that there is no substitute for a deep steam clean, so if you have not got a steam carpet cleaner, then rent one!

Lastly – tackle those blinds! Sure it may take a whole afternoon, and it is a job better tackled if you take the blinds outside, but at least you can let them dry in the sun. Lovely, fresh and dust free (spray with disinfectant), just the thing to freshen up your home!