US Town Opposes New Home Improvement Store

By | April 26, 2009

A town in the US has protested against a new home improvement outlet opening near their local leisure centre. This comes as a sharp blow at a time when the industry is struggling more than ever with spending in home improvement and DIY at a challenging low.

One town in the USA, named Burgess Hill has formed a silent protest in opposition for the plans to go ahead, despite the fact it would potentially create new jobs and offer them more choice for decorating and furnishing their homes. A formal meeting was arranged in which townspeople sought to demonstrate against the store which is proposed by the Homebase chain and the councillor for the town has made several displeased statements regarding the plans.

Councillor Denis Jones addressed a group of townspeople at the yearly town meeting and asked if anyone in the room wished to have the store built. Several of the people in the crowd then responded to his question by shouting: ‘No’ and Councillor Jones nodded. He then continued his scheduled talk on new town development plans.

In a County Times article Jones commented on his opposition to the store, saying: “The people of the town know what they want. We live here. It’s our town. One of the things we know about our town is that we don’t want a DIY store at the Triangle.”

The company which arranged the application on behalf of Homebase issued some statements of defence which suggested building the new store would improve the area. They also strongly highlighted how synergistic and in keeping with the area a new, Homebase home improvement store would be. However, the local council is still deciding on whether to pass or reject the proposals and they are expected to make a firm decision within the year.