Kitchen Storage

Spiral Cellars

Stocking dry goods, wine and other types of food and drink is always easier with the aid of separate kitchen storage.

Pantries & Store Cupboards

If you have a pantry or store cupboard then you will already be familiar with the benefits this kind of room can offer. Food can be stored in an organised and tidy manner, away from direct sunlight and away from the heat of the kitchen.

This kind of facility is of course best when sited within or next to the kitchen, because of ease of access. However, such rooms can also be created from a garage conversion.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars have been recognised as an up an coming trend for 2011 in British homes. This type of room is typical of basement or garage conversions, which are often cooler and darker than other areas within a property.

A wine cellar can either be born out of a DIY project by using racks and shelving or for a more professional finish try a specialist company.

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